MonthMay 2017

Gonzalez Perfect Game with ValueMags

Among the things that ValueMags employees love to do in their spare time at the office is watch baseball. The marketing and distribution firm for magazines is dedicated to providing the best magazine distribution across the United States. There are many things that contribute to why their distribution process is so effective: their various distribution channels, their distributor, and their efficiency in putting together the magazine packages. However, have relaxed employees is also a factor. Therefore, when employees at ValueMags need a break, they go into their break room to watch baseball play backs. Among the many plays that employees went over this week, employees were fascinated at Miguel Gonzalez’s perfect game into the seventh inning. Then, Todd Frazier his a two-run homer. Thus, the Chicago White Sox beat the Detroit Tigers seven to three on Sunday evening.

It has been a long time since someone set a record such as Gonzalez. The eighteen pitch streak was longest streak held by a Chicago White Sox starter since Chris Sale in 2013. The team was on cloud nine when Gonzalez continuously pitched. So were ValueMags employees. Having employees bond over something other than common work is what makes them more efficient. It is important that employees have good relationships. With good relationships, they are more effective when they work together. To elaborate, employees spend more time together than they likely spend with anyone else including their significant others. After a day at work, employees go home to their kids and significant others until they sleep. Therefore, the time spend with them is likely good but short lived. That’s why many ValueMags employees cherish their family time. So much so that the ValueMags office is family oriented for employees that want to have their kids in for lunch or their friends and family in on their lunch break. Recently, ValueMags is putting aside money to upgrade their televisions and recording system. That way, employees can have a better experience when playing back the baseball highlights and other sports highlights.

ValueMags employees highly recommend other companies find ways to bond. By taking employees minds off of work to focus on relationships, relaxing, and bonding, your company is more likely to be successful. For more information about the magazine they distribute, contact ValueMags using the link provided above.

What Causes Hair Damage? [Infographic]

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