Payne Glasses is a website that lets you choose stylish, affordable, frames that allow your lenses to work for you as best they can. You probably never give much thought to what lenses have to do with your vision, aside from the strength of your prescription. However, there is actually a whole lot of science that goes into the making of lenses to ensure your vision will be impeccable on several levels. The shape and size of lenses can affect the way you see reflections and refractions that can impede your sight – so having lenses that are not shaped properly would kind of defeat the purpose of wearing glasses in the first place. Payne Glasses specialize in 1.74 high index progressive glasses, ones that are extremely thin and great at eliminating refraction.

The team of experts use the newest technology to create lenses that are as thin as possible so that your glasses are lightweight as well as fashionable. They work behind the scenes to make sure that the frames that look the best are able to accommodate the highest quality lenses. Designers and doctors work side by side to bring you the best of both worlds – glasses that look great and work great.

For lenses that fit the hottest frames, the science behind creating them has to be state-of-the-art. A lens needs to be thin so that it doesn’t weigh down the frame, and it needs to have the least possible to reduce refraction. Having thin, flat lenses that also refract light properly is possible due to new technologies in the optical field. The flatter a lens, the less a wearer’s vision will be impeded. If a lens has too much of a curve, due to the adding of material to enhance one technology, then the quality of vision at the edges of the lens starts to fall.  If too much material is added to a lens, then you get a thicker one that weighs one, and you start to have to sacrifice the quality of one aspect of the lens for another. Payne Glasses avoids that by using the latest tech and enriching their lenses in ways that does not add weight or thickness to them.

Sacrificing style for better vision is never an option when you shop for your eyewear at Payne Glasses. You know you’ll be getting the best of both worlds – glasses that look great and perform great. Visit their website today to order your first pair of affordable frames.