What can ORM agencies do for you, you may ask? This obscure sounding acronym will become a common solution to your worst nightmare within years, but don’t let the early stage of this industry deter you from choosing ORM agencies today. ORM agencies, such as internetreputation.services, can greatly make a difference on your brand image. Many individuals and companies are in need of hiring such agencies. Let’s take a quick look at some of the greatest PR scandals of 2017 that can use some online reputation management shaking up.

  1. Pepsi’s Mis-fitting Kendall Jenner Advertisement

Kendall Jenner, the model and half-sister of the infamous Kardashian clan, partnered up with Pepsi to tape a commercial that was meant to epitomize unity amongst all American citizens. The advertisement unfortunately failed to do exactly that due to poor creative and managerial direction. The ad shows Jenner speedily leaving a photo shoot to join a protest, an attempt to incorporate the recent Black Lives Matter movement. Jenner keenly pops open a can of Pepsi while she makes her way up to a police officer. Due to the great wave of backlash received for their improper representation of the meaning behind the movement, Pepsi quickly took down the advertisement. However, their misfit apology and the existing online trail still exist have not yet been erased. This is where ORM agencies can come in and help suppress the bad news that may taint the Pepsi brand.

2) The Obscene Removal of a Passenger on United Airlines

It was hard to miss the many videos and reports concerning United Airlines’ violent displacement of a passenger who refused to be removed from the plane after the flight had been overbooked. The airline industry is known to be an unattractive one with high rivalry amongst firms and little differentiation, and although this act was unethical and despicable, this bad press can greatly hurt United Airlines in the long run. That is why companies such as this one should consider hiring ORM companies to change the climate of their electronic word-of-mouth when such a PR disaster arises.

3) Cosmopolitan’s ill-fitted Headline for a Cancer Patient

As Cosmopolitan often tries to grab readers as magazine readership continues to slide on a downward slope, they made a great mistake when headlining one of their editions as “How This Woman Lost 44 Pounds without *ANY* Exercise”. This woman in fact could lost so much weight due to a rare cancer disease. While Cosmo has not even owned up to this enraging issue, they could have used behind-the-scenes ORM agencies to help cover it all up.