Choosing Wedding DJ – What To Do

Everyone knows how DJs perform, but wedding DJs are different, because they’re not supposed to make people remove their clothes or break the floor with their crazy steps. They’re quite different, more ethical, well-mannered and maintain a good reputation in civilized society.

Wedding day is all about being formal and that’s what your guests will be expecting from you and other hosts (wedding professionals). Wedding DJ is not an exception here. They need to be professional enough to play the music for all your guests. They should have a large variety of music, to play guests’ requests. And the music should make people hit the dance floor.  If you’re stuck for entertainment and music on your wedding day, this post talks about why hiring a wedding DJ would be a great idea.

In-House DJ is Not Mandatory

Don’t feel obliged to use the ‘in-house’ disco at your wedding venue. Some venues offer this in their package but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best DJ for the job. Shop around! Look for recommendations, or maybe phone a past client.

Do Your Own Search

Check the DJ’s website if they have one, if it looks unprofessional, chances are, their performance could be unprofessional, too.If you’re looking for the best wedding DJ Kelowna, you can hire Airwaves Music Vancouver for your wedding.

Meet them Twice

Arrange a meeting with the DJ before booking them and again before your wedding day. Meeting them twice will give you a good idea about them. They can suggest you the arrangements for the big day and you can ask a few good questions as well. Right in the first meeting, you’ll have a fair idea whether you can get on with them, or look for another options. Ask the wedding DJ for their advice on when to have the first dance, buffet and so on, and remember you’ll need to allow about 90 minutes for the disco to set up.

Try to avoid being ‘too cool for school’ and remember it’s a party for your guests, too! Clarify these things to your wedding DJ, because you want every guest to be entertained, not just a bunch of people of your age.

If the wedding DJs are popular, waste no time in finalizing them. The best wedding DJs Kelownaare booked up well in advance so make sure you check availability and book early – don’t risk leaving it until the last minute.


There are different sorts of arrangements for weddings. So, be very clear about the things you need.

  • Do you need wireless mics for speeches or special lights? Make sure you get these extras included in any quotes.
  • What kind of equipment your DJ is going to use? And how much they’re charging.
  • Have you informed your DJ about your favorite playlist, and songs that are famous? Are there any songs that you don’t want to play?

Use your budget wisely. Good wedding DJs may cost a little extra but will make the entertainment more memorable.

Various Kinds Of Activity


First let us determine what entertainment is before we consider various kinds of enjoyment. Activity is any type of exercise that delivers enjoyment for individuals in a passive method, other interesting activities that include participating are thought interests or entertainment.

There are lots of kinds of enjoyment for specific preferences, for instance we’ve theater cinema, activities, activities, cultural dancing, show, comedy shows, animations, impressionists, clowns as well as the list goes on and on.

These type of enjoyment could than be split into groups based on attention and the age of the folks being entertained. In this essay we will provide a short description with a of those types.

Child Entertainment

Children have to be entertained plus some occasions even the entertainment company or the performer must look for a balance between physical and psychological activities. Clowns, although person may think it is enjoyable shows, pantomimes and puppets often attract kids.

Adult Entertainment

Adult Entertainment often relates to the sex industry, but this type of enjoyment can’t be associated solely using its offices and the sex industry. Adult Entertainment involves things such as opera, live sports, music events along with a hand-full of alternative activities that children mightn’t find so interesting.

Live Entertainment

As there are certainly a number of actions that may branded as live entertainment, this type of entertainment is extended to all ages. For example music events, live live sports television shows, cinemas and every other action of that’s targeted to entertain people you could think.

Public Entertainment

Today possibly among the types of amusement which have developed one of the most, because of the economic depression. You’ll discover a broad selection of public artists employed by any amount of cash whenever you go around any major town around Europe the general public chooses to provide them. You can find public artists of types from mimes to Peruvian Flute rings all dealing with the uncertainty of how much cash they’ll create, that’s why they are usually more prevalent in major towns where you will find more visitors.