In business, it is important that people understand how to get to the point. Business professionals and CEOs do not have a lot of time to dedicate to individual affairs. So every inquire or business meeting needs to be quick and efficient. In the same way when advertising, it is important that marketers use a variety of techniques to communicate a message as efficiently as possible. For example, one of the biggest real estate investment firms in the world, Speyer, is known for their accomplished developments. Those developments were so well marketed that they probably appear better than they are in terms of innovations. That is because they got to the point when they announced the completion of these developments to media. Among many companies that do, Speyer understands that visual content is one of the most useful vehicles for communicating a message. Infographs often work for most business. However, Speyer leans towards sketches and mock plans of their developments. It gives future investors and commercial and residential residents to see what their future looks like. The majority of the time, the end result looks identical too.

Did you know:

  1. 90% of the information that is transmitted to the brain is done through the eyes
  2. Visual images are processed 60 thousand times faster than text in the brain
  3. 40% of people with respond better (with the response you’re soliciting) with visual over plain text

Lastly, 93% of all human communication is nonverbal. That means, you do not use a language (written or spoken) to communicate feelings or understanding. Also, because the visual images that Speyer supplies are “real life” they are more likely to be engaging and convincing. They get to the point: innovation, future, authority, and excellence. The company is one of few that understands how to get to the point while communicating the same message as if they were elaborating. For more information about Speyer, check out the globally renowned company using the link provided above.