Cars or other vehicles are quite expensive and believe it or not, they are one of the biggest investment of your life. Therefore it is essential to keep it protected and safe from all sorts of damage. Fortunately we have plenty of choices today to keep our vehicles protected in terms of physical damage. Car shelter is what I am talking about.

Although you can lock your car up in a garage but the problem is crucial when your house do not have a separate garage. Under such conditions, car shelters provide the appropriate protection to your vehicles. There are lots and lots of choices in car shelters and we are going to encounter each one of them in detail.

Types of Car Shelters:

There are different types of car shelters options available for protecting your car including portable car shelters, instant car shelters, car canopies, etc. Below are described all of them:

  1. Portable Car Shelters:

Portable car shelters are, well, portable. They give you the ability to move car shelters from one place to another as they are easy to pack up and light in weight. If you are a travelling person and often travels from one place to another, you need a portable car shelter so that you can keep your car protected at all times. Moreover if you are a renter, you can easily take this car shelter with you. The portable car shelter are easy to build and maintain. However, these car shelters are still not able to provide full protection to the vehicle.

  1. Instant Car Shelters:

Instant shelters are easy to build up as it does not need a lot of construction to be done. You do not need any professional help to set this car shelter up. The biggest benefit of instant car shelters is that these are cost efficient solution for all your car shelter needs. Along with being instant, they are portable too thus providing the benefits of portable car shelters as well. However, there are some demerits of instant car shelters as well. They can collapse easily due to heavy rain and so not very protective.

  1. Car Canopies:

Another versatile choice in providing shelter to the cars, car canopies are sturdy and provides ultimate protection. However, canopies are a bit expensive and often tough to assemble. That is why they are seldom used for car shelter.